Thursday, March 3, 2011

Selling our house in France

I haven't blogged for ages and there are two reasons for that. First off, I was busy finishing my manuscript so I could take it to my publisher in England at Christmas. More on that in a later blog.

The second reason is that we're selling our house. The last few weeks have been a whirl of visits from estate agents. There has been a lot of dusting and polishing etc; after all, when photographs of your house are going to be posted on the internet and displayed in shop windows, you want it to look its best! But that was the easy bit. Now comes the waiting.

Waiting for a buyer is sort of like waiting to fall in love. You sort of know it will happen but you don't know who will come along or when they'll turn up. And, rather like waiting for the man or woman of your dreams, you can't quite believe they are out there until they appear...

Anyway, here is our house in all it's glory.
It has come a long way from the three room tumble down fermette that we bought all those years ago.Now it is just waiting for a new family to love it :)