Friday, February 20, 2009

What a busy few weeks

Well, what a busy few weeks. I find February a fairly miserable kind of month so there are worse ways to spend it than tapping away at the keyboard - which is pretty much all I've done since my last blog!

The Connexion decided to launch a new regional supplement for the Dordogne and asked me to contribute. It's estimated that there are about 25,000 permanent British residents in the region so a local paper in English is definitely needed. Even when your French is pretty fluent, reading a whole paper in French isn't easy. Over the last few weeks, I've spoken to fishermen, mayors, teachers, reptile keepers, factory owners - hopefully the resulting articles will prove an interesting read.

I've also managed to complete the first three chapters of a Children's novel I've been commissioned to write. I'm going to send them off to the publisher now to see if it's what they're after then get going on the rest of it. They're a small but growing publisher. Hopefully, I'll be able to play a part in their success. I have my fingers firmly crossed. Keep on smiling and keep watching this space ...............

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