Monday, December 7, 2009

Facebook and social networking

I recently joined Facebook. I'd avoided joining for ages, sensing that it would probably result in me wasting a lot of time but eventually I succumbed. It is great to be able to find all those people you've long forgotten and at times a bit surreal; sometimes I feel I've awoken from a very long coma as I discover that friends have new partners and new children. Collecting friends becomes addictive too, like collecting top trumps and as predicted, I do have to stop myself spending too much time on the site.

When you work for yourself, every second counts. Whilst I take plenty of time out to relax in the evening away from my desk, when I'm on the computer, I have two aims; to write to pay the bills and to get my novel finished. Incidentally, it's getting there..............

However, I recently came across a social networking forum that I can legitimately claim is helpful to my writing career and hence I don't feel quite so guilty about spending time there! In fact I'd recommend it to other aspiring or published children's authors. Access the forum via their website,Wordpool ( It is the brainchild of established author Diana Kimpton and her husband. The site is packed with loads of useful information on authors, books and publishers and the other forum members are a mine of useful information. Enjoy.

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